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Confidentiality Disclaimer

We are required to collect and process data for different purposes from our staff, parents and children. We take your privacy seriously and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), this information will only be used for us to give care and education for your child. It will be retained and disposed of securely.


For full details of our GDPR policy please request a copy to be emailed to you by Carole, Emily or Laura

Online Safety

Online safety (inc. use of mobile phones, cameras and social networking)

  • Only ICT equipment belonging to the setting is used by staff and children

  • Designated persons ensure inappropriate material cannot be accessed

Internet access

  • At no time do we allow unsupervised access to the internet, the laptop is clearly visible within the room and only for use by children alongside a member of staff for a specific reason

Mobile phones – staff and visitors

  • Personal mobile phones are only used by staff in the staff room during break times

  • They are switched off or on silent and stored safely

  • Parents and visitors are requested not to use their mobile phones whilst on the premises

Cameras and videos

  • Photographs and recordings of children are only taken for valid reasons i.e. to record learning through ‘Tapestry’, written permission is received from parents

  • Parents can request permission to photograph or record their own children at special events such as the Nativity, general permission is gained from all parents for their children to be included

  • Parents are told they do not have a right to photograph or to upload photos of anyone’s children

Social media

  • Staff are advised to manage their personal security settings to ensure that their information is private

  • Staff avoid communication on social networking sites, do not accept parents as ‘friends’ due to it being a breach of expected professional conduct

  • If a parent asks questions relating to work via social networking sites, staff should ignore them and inform management the next day at nursery 

Electronic learning journals for recording children’s progress

We use ‘Tapestry’ an accredited online learning journal, children are safeguarded by:

  • Ensuring staff only use Tapestry within the ‘Kids App’ this includes time restrictions and pin protection

  • Settings are only accessible with a password/pin known to the manager and owner

  • Staff only access internet to use Tapestry (no access to search engines or other internet features)

  • No staff members can access any social media or personal e-mail accounts

  • No photographs or recordings can be uploaded via the internet (password/pin protected)

Storage, use and/or distribution of appropriate images

  • To safeguard children all photographs and videos are taken only on nursery’s equipment.

  • Photographs are stored on the office computer for a limited time which is password protected

  • Staff are aware that it is an offence to distribute indecent images

Use of photography

  • During induction parents will be asked to give specific permission to use their child's work/photos, for example room and building displays, the nursery website, Facebook page and nursery prospectus.

The consent form is considered valid for the entire period that the child attends nursery unless there is a change in the child’s circumstances where consent could be an issue. We will keep a record of children for whom permission has not been granted and staff will be provided with this information.

Nursery Policies


For any of our nursery policies in full please request a copy to be emailed to you by Carole, Emily or Laura

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