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What Makes our Tiggers so Special?

Our toddlers are a busy bunch called the Tiggers, keen to find out everything they can about the world.  We offer them lots of opportunities to develop their independence and lots of new, fun experiences.

Circle Time

We introduce the children to circle time where we say hello and talk about our feelings, days of the week and our activities for the day.

Our 'Golden Rules' are a very important part of this room they include kind hands, voices away, good looking and good listening.

Although the daily routine is structured we have lots of exciting, interesting and fun opportunities to learn through play.

Potty Training

Potty training is a big part of our routine we discuss with parents when we think the child is ready. All children develop at different rates and staff will apply flexibility in recognising milestones for potty training. We have a relaxed approach with lots of praise and encouragement using stickers and reward charts.  

Out and About

We know how important it is to children to get fresh air and we get outside EVERY DAY! Even on the wettest days we will go and splash in puddles or play with the paints in the rain. We have shaded areas so we can be outside when it is sunny.

We also like to go and explore our local area with regular trips to the park, to feed the ducks and often pop to Tesco to choose what we are going to have for tea.

Eating Together

We all eat together and children are encouraged to make their own sandwiches, pour their own drinks and help with food preparation.

After tea we also practice brushing our teeth together as this encourages it to become an important part of our hygiene routines 

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Our Parents Say...

“Harry really enjoys nursery and has made lots of friends. We are proud of his excellent skills and have watched as his confidence has grown.”

“Leaving Jacob with the staff at Happylands is like leaving him with family members. They know all of the children inside out and allow them to be themselves at all times. The levels of care, kindness and understanding is outstanding. Parents are made to feel involved and part of ‘the family’. I could not be happier with Happylands.”

“Charlotte is always happy to go to nursery and gets excited when we talk about it.”

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